Deposit money

Deposit money

Modern banking

Future's modern banking acts as a hub to access hundreds of super powerful features.

Unlimited modern shareable accounts, 2% interest, $250,000 deposit insurance, no minimums, & zero fees.

Multiplayer banking

Traditional banks only consider the individual. Future makes multiplayer effortless.

Sharing bank accounts, creating specialized permissions, and issuing debit cards for members is easy.

Replace your team's clunky expense management software with multiplayer banking.

Security and privacy

This is not like any other banking app you've used before. With security and privacy-first design no one can access your money, but you.

Future uses bank-grade encryption, minimal data collection, and advanced security tooling to keep your finances safe, secure, and private.

"Future makes managing money crazy easy!"

"Future makes managing money crazy easy!"

Mark Cuban

Shark Tank, Mavericks, Cost Plus Drug Company

No minimums & zero fees

Achieve your financial goals faster than ever without all the extra fees that traditional banks charge.

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